Rubén Ruffo

The production of Fuzion wines starts in the vineyards. Between February and March (depending always on the different harvests) grapes are manually picked. The beginning of the harvest in each region is set by analyzing different technical parameters and by tasting the berries.

High quality grapes allow us to produce high quality wines. This, together with technology, great passion and care in every detail from our Fuzion Winemaking Team, results in modern, fruit forward and tasty wines.

Rubén Ruffo is the Fuzion's head winemaker. He completed his winemaking degree in Mendoza in 1990, at Don Bosco, Juan Agustin Maza University. Since then, he has taken part in more than 20 harvests with Familia Zuccardi.

Always eager to improve his winemaking technique and broaden his experience, he has participated in harvests in France, Spain (Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Catalunia) and Italy (Verona).


He is an enthusiastic winemaker, hard working and passionate about what he does. Married 12 years ago, he has three children and enjoys good food, good friends and good wine.